WISH (Work, Information, Support Hub) is now delivering weekly Workshops online. ALL WELCOME 

If you are new to WISH and would like to be contacted to receive support, please CLICK HERE 

New for March 2021 - we have changed our approach to the delivery of online sessions. 
New format - one hour discussions will be facilitated by WISH coordinator, each session focussing on specific topics. The aim will be to enable us all to help each other. We all have great ideas for other people! It is often quite difficult to do the same for ourselves.  
We will explore some of the following -  
Personal experiences - what went wrong and what could have been done differently? 
Best practice - share what has worked well with others. 
Innovative solutions - hear things you hadn't considered before. 
Get some feedback - come with something you need help with, and see if we can help. 
Suggest a topic - we will deal with all your suggestions, one at a time 
We will cover all aspects of job hunting, including interviews, applications, letters, phone calls, online interviews, job sites, feedback etc, some of these we cover all in one session! We want these sessions to be relaxed and informal affairs.  
If you would like to be the facilitator on a session please let us know!  
If you have a request or suggestion for a session, please email wish@setas.org.uk  
Online sessions will be held every Tuesday and Friday at 2pm for one hour and will be on Zoom 
WISH online workshops are intended to be interactive, employability-focussed and designed to help you prepare for work, as well as to enjoy some company! 
Topics that will be covered will include all areas of employment-related skills and knowledge, including the following: 
Preparing for work - setting goals, planning, being realistic. 
Interviews - preparation, questions, follow-up etc. 
Applications, CVs and cover letters. 
Social media and online connections. 
Employer engagement and what they want. 
General employability guidance and other requested topics. 
Partners and Accreditations 
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