Week 30 
Welcome to the thirtieth bulletin 
Virtual WISH update 
On Friday 23rd October, we will be welcoming Kay from the Horsham Volunteering team to talk to us about some of the benefits of sharing your skills with others while you are job seeking and some of the opportunities that are out there currently. Join us to hear more about it, but in the meantime you can register online and also look out yourself for organisations who are still “open for business” and looking for support. 
The links for the next batch of upcoming topics can always be found and you can book in as soon as they come out, no need to wait for the week they are being run. 
Sessions will keep being added so pop back regularly to see what is on offer. 
Training Opportunities 
BT Skills for Tomorrow 
There are lots of free short courses on this site and if you are keen to develop your online skills then check out the various sessions on a really wide range of topics from coding to social media. BT Skills for Tomorrow 
The Skills Tool Kit 
Don’t forget the government’s new skills training package is free and has lots of courses to fill any gaps that you have - theskillstoolkit 
WEA have a variety of courses for personal development, as well as Job related - WEA Southern Region - courses 
or click here for two flyers Enjoy and Explore and Confidence and Employment 
Skill of the week - Volunteering 
If you are not working, whether you are seeking work or furloughed, maybe it is time to start actively looking for opportunities to volunteer. Even if you are not able to get out there are still things that you can do. 
Volunteering can be an excellent route to employment, or a chance to try something new which may lead to a career change.  
It can also be a great way of: 
gaining new skills, knowledge and experience 
developing existing skills and knowledge 
enhancing your CV 
improving your employment prospects 
meeting new people 
gaining an accreditation 
using your professional skills and knowledge to benefit others (usually described as pro bono). 
In a discussion at one of our WISH clubs earlier in the year, looking back people wished they had signed up to do volunteering after about a month of unemployment regardless of what sector they were previously working in. It might feel as if it would take your focus off applying for paid work, but it is a great way to keep going while you are not working and feel part of something bigger. You never know who you might meet and it might lead to paid work. 
Obviously, with COVID the opportunities to volunteer have been hugely impacted, with new ones appearing, new ways to deliver existing services and existing ones being put on hold. Some which have previously been delivered face to face, are now moving online so if your contacts are restricted there are still ways to contribute to the local community. 
As mentioned above, there will be lots more information on Friday at our Virtual WISH Workshop so join us with your questions and to hear what is available. 
Application question of the week - How to choose your References 
If you are only asked to send a CV then it is no longer necessary to include any mention of references. Do not even include “references available on request” as that is considered obvious and you are wasting space! 
Usually if you complete an online application form there will be a section which asks you for details of one work reference (which sometimes specifies that it must be from your last employer) and one personal one. It is really important that you choose them carefully and make sure that you ask them in advance whether they are happy for their contact information to be shared. You will need to include their name and job title, email address and mobile number and relationship to you. 
If you worked for a large organisation it will usually be appropriate just to give the details of the HR department. These can be remarkably tricky to find once you have left an organisation so if possible, make sure you keep a note if you are still in touch with them. They may only provide a very generic statement outlining the dates that you worked there. 
Tell your named references what the job role is that you are going for, ideally by letting them have a copy of the job description. Obviously choose someone who is going to support your application, as your personal referee is likely to have more scope to highlight your strengths. 
If you have not worked before or you don’t want to use your last employer you can use another employer, a teacher who knows you well, a team leader from any voluntary work or club that you belong to or a faith leader, again who knows you well. 
Getting these organised beforehand is another job that is worth doing ahead of time in case you need their details in a hurry. It may be that you decide that there are several people that would be suitable who you can match to the role being applied for. Again, having all the contact information ready to hand will be incredibly helpful in your journey to landing that perfect job. 
Interview question of the week - What did you do in your last job? 
There is a great temptation to ramble on in answer to this question as, surely it is the thing that an employer will be most interested to hear? Well, not necessarily, as they are looking for someone to fit into their business and not how well you fitted into someone else’s. 
You will want to describe: 
Skills and duties relevant to your new job 
Machines/equipment used 
Your responsibilities 
People you dealt with 
How long you were there 
If you were promoted 
Any significant facts and figures that really prove that you made a difference – just one or two highlights not your weekly results! 
So above all, keep it short and very focused. Cover the points in a few sentences and always relate it to the job you are applying for. Again, think elevator pitch rather than your auto-biography. 
You might want to use this link to spark some ideas - Digital Gurus - 10-achievements-to-include-on-your-cv 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - wish-live-vacancies 
Check out a new job at Horsham District Council too - horsham - jobs-and-careers 
Are you caring and compassionate? Do you want to come and work for the NHS at a time when it needs you more than ever? 
Have you considered becoming a healthcare assistant or even a therapy assistant? 
The NHS will train you on the job, give you loads of support to be the best that you can be - and you get to join the NHS family. 
So, if you're committed to caring for people in the same way you’d want your own family to be cared for click here to participate in the  
You will have a guaranteed interview if you meet the minimum criteria.  
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
This week we turn to the Horsham Wellbeing team for an update on the help they provide in all kinds of areas. If you previously attended one of their sessions at the Horsham WISH you will already know that they provide support and encouragement in a number of ways for you to improve your health and wellbeing. There may be issues that have challenged you while you have been in lockdown and you are ready to take action – time to get in touch and get started! There are some lovely Health Walks scheduled too – an opportunity to get out in the fresh air and appreciate the changing seasons. 
Every Mind Matters has a Mind Plan Quiz which takes just a couple of minutes to come up with suggestions based on the way you are coping with the current circumstances. NHS - every-mind-matters-quiz 
If you are finding that the solutions that you have been using are no longer as effective, why not try something different? Over the past bulletins there have been lots of ideas and ways to re-focus your mind. 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link SETAS - contact us and we will get in touch. 
Richard and Mel 
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