Week 34 
Welcome to the Thirty fourth bulletin 
Virtual WISH update 
Friday 20th November at 2pm we will be talking about How to Learn from a setback! 
Job seeking is filled with rejections, set-backs and disappointments, we will discuss how we can learn from each of them and move forward positively. To join us, you will need to register using this link, then an email will be sent to you with everything you need to come along.  
The links for the next batch of upcoming topics can always be found and you can book in as soon as they come out, no need to wait for the week they are being run. WISH online sessions 
Sessions will keep being added so pop back regularly to see what is on offer. 
Training Opportunities 
Maths Tasters 
If you feel that your number skills are letting you down then WEA are running some short 5 week sessions to help you to improve and decide whether to take it further. Click here for the course leaflet - WEA leaflet 
Challenge of the month – update 
At the beginning of the current lockdown we launched the November Lockdown challenge – how are you getting on with your goals? If you haven’t set any yet, its not too late to make some and resolve to use the next month to achieve something specific. Richard will be hosting a drop in on Wednesdays at 4pm to encourage you to keep going. 
Application question of the week 
Don’t forget to save the job description and role profiles of jobs that you apply for, as well as your application. 
Applying for jobs is a job in itself, taking over large parts of your day both in time and energy so it pays to approach it in a business-like manner. When you first start job seeking and assume that the ideal role will just drop out of the sky within the initial few days, it is easy to forget that once the deadline has passed, details of the job on offer will be taken down from the companies’ website and you will no longer be able to access it. As time goes on you may find yourself adopting a completely scattergun approach, just applying for hundreds of jobs almost at random on the basis that at least one must work out. You might then feel that you can’t possibly save all that information – it will use up all the memory on your computer and be a total waste of time. 
It will help if you can set up a simple system where you can track your applications, how successful you were with them and keep the copies together in one place so that you can do a regular housekeeping exercise and delete those where you feel the information is no longer useful. Tracking your applications will also help you to see which sources are working best for you in getting you to the interview stage. 
Most employers will be happy to send you a copy of the original job description and role profile if you have completely lost them. Make sure that you re-read these and your application carefully before you go into the interview. Most employers can tell horror stories of people who turned up and asked to be reminded what job they are being interviewed for. Click here - linkedin jobs-activity 
Interview question of the week 
Last week in the Friday workshop we talked about what was happening in interviews these days with the strange mixture of lockdown and some people being allowed to go to work. There appears to be a return, in part at least, to some final interviews being face to face and this adds a further complication to an everchanging scene. Namely, to wear a mask or not to mask! 
Unfortunately, there are no absolute rules on every precaution that must be in place during the actual interview – each business should have carried out a risk assessment based on their workplace layout and staffing and made arrangements accordingly. It is really important though that you feel comfortable with what has been put in place and if you are not, then make it known. 
The easiest thing is to check ahead of time what COVID precautions will be in place for the interview. That way you can decide whether alternative arrangements would be more appropriate for your situation. All employers will expect you to turn up to the premises with a mask on and to wear a mask when walking through any public areas to the interview room at the very least. 
This is a subject that is constantly changing and varies from geographical area to area, so make sure that you are clear what the guidelines are at the time of the interview. I have added a couple of links for you to have a think about what your own stance would be, at least if you have thought about it ahead of time then you are less likely to be pressurised into something that you are not happy with on the day. 
The Cut.com (this one was written in June 2020 but still has some useful points to make) 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
To help you to shop local Horsham businesses have launched a new website with details of who is offering delivery, click and collect style services etc. Local retailers need our support now more than ever, and Horsham District Council have worked with Visit Horsham to make it easy for you to Buy Local online in the run-up to Christmas. visithorsham 
As the weather gets colder and the lockdown restrictions mean that some people have to stay closer to home, your enthusiasm to go outside and exercise may be flagging. 
Sport England have put together a number of initiatives which are aimed at staying in and working out called Join the Movement! There are online classes that you can join and follow along with other people as well as advice and help to tempt you outside if you are able to. 
This week is Alcohol Awareness Week – in lockdown it is easy not to notice things slipping. It’s a good time to check how you are getting on.  
Check out the new Wellbeing package offered by the Horsham Wellbeing team which offers a bespoke service either on the phone or by video to help you identify what you can do to target those areas that you are struggling with. You can self-refer and its free to residents of Horsham District - westsussexwellbeing 
Their monthly newsletter contains information on a number of other initiatives that you can benefit from - click here for these bulletins 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - wish-live-vacancies 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link SETAS - contact us and we will get in touch. 
Richard and Mel 
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Email - richard.brooks@setas.org.uk 
Specialist Employment, Training and Advice Services 
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