Week 32 
Welcome to the Thirty Second bulletin 
Virtual WISH update 
This week we will be talking about Transferable Skills – what they are and how to identify them. If you are not getting through to interview stage as often as you would like to, come along and see if we can help you to think about your skills differently and then put that down on your next application. 
To join us, you will need to register using this link then an email will be sent to you with everything you need to come along on Friday. 
The links for the next batch of upcoming topics can always be found and you can book in as soon as they come out, no need to wait for the week they are being run. 
Sessions will keep being added so pop back regularly to see what is on offer. 
Training Opportunities 
Pearson Training - pearson.com/courses 
Aspire NCFE Level 2 Certificated Courses - aspiresussex.org.uk/distance-learning-courses 
If you sign up before 12th November there is no deposit to pay
Challenge of the week 
Ok, so we are about to enter another lockdown period which is due to end on 2nd December. Given it is a fixed time frame and hopefully you will have at least a bit more time available, we are launching our November Lockdown Challenge. Choose 3 goals that you would like to achieve by the 2nd December, write them on the attached sheet and get started. Click here to access worksheet 
Having someone else to run alongside and to encourage you when you feel like giving up is really important. If you would like some support to keep going then Mel is very happy to run an extra Virtual Challenge Workshop each week just for these four weeks to chat about how you are getting on. Let us know quickly if that would be helpful. 
Application question of the week - Transferable skills 
I have read a lot of explanations about transferable skills but this one seems to me to sum it up most succinctly and doesn’t overcomplicate it. Jobmonkey - transferable skills 
At a time when so many people are having to change sectors and move into areas that they hadn’t considered before – being able to analyse your previous job role and boil it down to the actual skills you used rather than what you used them for, is key. 
Have a look back at bulletin 26 where we looked at pivoting or changing direction. Next write a job description for your previous role without saying what it was doing, cutting out all the jargon and industry related words and adding back all the parts of the job which were not specific to that business. Does it still represent you? Could it be transplanted somewhere else entirely? 
This is a very popular discussion point at the moment so worth checking out the comments on this link – there are various different perspectives and maybe one will chime with you and gives you the light bulb moment you have been waiting for. 
We are going to talk a lot more about this on Friday, so if you are struggling with it sign up and join us. 
Interview question of the week - Give an example of when you disagreed with a senior staff member and how did this work out? 
So, first things first - it is not a good idea to use this to complain about your previous employer, in fact that is a terrible idea! Giving the recruiter the impression that you are a know-all, critical and argumentative trouble-maker, will not land you that new role.  
Choose an example where you made a positive contribution with a measurable result, but not one where you destroyed the relationship in the process. Telling your story with humility but confidence will yield far better results than descending into a wild rant about the unfairness of it all. Structure the example with STAR as usual - time you spend preparing for this kind of question will be really worthwhile. 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - wish-live-vacancies 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
Check out the new Wellbeing package offered by the Horsham Wellbeing team which offers a bespoke service either on the phone or by video to help you identify what you can do to target those areas that you are struggling with. You can self-refer and its free to residents of Horsham District - westsussexwellbeing 
Their monthly newsletter contains information on a number of other initiatives that you can benefit from - click here for these bulletins 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link SETAS - contact us and we will get in touch. 
Richard and Mel 
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