Week 8 
Welcome to the eighth bulletin 
With the sun shining and the rules on lockdown starting to ease, it really feels as if Spring is properly here. I wonder whether any of you braved the newly opened garden centres to see what you could find! With some places experiencing queues of over 3.5 hours to get in, the social distancing has no doubt put a lot of people off, but happily nature seems to have made up for it and now that the parks and open spaces are more accessible (latest update below) many of us can experience more time outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine are both free and we hope that you can make the most of it even if it’s only by opening your windows wide. 
The release of lockdown brings with it so many questions, not least what the job market is going to look like, so preparing to act at short notice if something suitable comes up is becoming more relevant. 
Request for your help, please – could you do this simple survey for us? 
As a team we are very aware of how many of the lockdown services, including Universal Credit and job searching, rely on having access to the internet. We want to find out how this is affecting you in your situation. 
We have created a survey to see where the gaps are and to help us with planning and to target support where it is needed. The link below will lead you to a quick and simple survey (will take a few minutes), which will give us a better picture of how this issue is impacting you all. 
If you are unable to complete the form online as you don’t have the necessary equipment or even if you usually find these kind of things too challenging to take part in, please text or give us a ring and one of us will be happy to do it over the phone with you. It is really important to us that we get everyone’s input so that we can include your situation too. 
This week’s Activity – random acts of kindness 
This week we return to something we touched on in an earlier bulletin to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (18 – 24th May). The Mental Health Foundation has a wealth of ideas and evidence showing that the impact of giving and receiving kindness is really important for our mental health, especially in the current climate. 
They have come up with lots of suggestions to get you started, whether you are out and about, staying in lockdown or shielding in your room and not able to see people face to face. 
Mel’s son works extremely long hours at a local hospital. This week, someone sent him some lovely homemade facemasks so he could wear them to go shopping. They didn’t make a lot of fuss, just popped them in the post knowing that he wouldn’t have time to find any of his own.  
Why not let us know if you have experienced someone going the extra mile? 
Richard was in Lidl the other day and there were two boxes of shreddies (well, the Lidl version......which are actually just as good!) left on the shelf. A lady in front of him took them both and placed them in her trolley. Richard said nothing but when she noticed him standing there, she asked if he would like one. She then placed one in his trolley for him with a smile. Small act, but at the time was very nice indeed. 
Skill of the week – courage 
This is linked to this week’s activity – kindness is an important part of our daily lives at the moment, but it is also a risky endeavour. It can risk us looking foolish or being taken advantage of and sometimes we pause so long that we miss the opportunity. But to give or receive an act of kindness is a real act of courage and we want to encourage you to step out and be brave. 
If you thought that including this skill on your CV was only allowed if you have been white water rafting or jumped out of a plane, maybe this is your week to understand more about the importance of feeling a bit scared, but doing it anyway! 
Creative Corner! 
Last week we asked you to show us what new creative talents you have discovered or developed 
During the course of the week we have heard a lot about cooking and recipes that people have tried – so for next week, let us know your best and worst experiences. Have any of your lockdown flavour combinations been a massive hit or been given the thumbs down? 
Interview question of the week - “What positive things have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?” 
Recruiters and hiring managers are bound to ask you to tell them a bit about yourself during the interview. While they may still ask the basic question, they may now alter it or follow up with another question to find out what you learned about yourself during the pandemic. 
Asking this question could be one way for an interviewer to assess how you manage your emotions when faced with a crisis and may be a way to learn about your resilience, motivation and attitude. Mentioning some of the positive things that you have done while in lockdown would be a good answer, so prepare a list to use as a prompt, but also recognising that you found it very difficult would be fine to say. 
Next week we will have the reverse question – so you might want to think about both sides of the coin now. Showing that you took positive action to overcome things you found difficult or mentioning establishing and sticking to new regular routines would be appropriate responses. 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
Horsham Wellbeing Team have produced another newsletter outlining the service which it is still providing. Horsham Wellbeing Newsletter 
Horsham District Council have gathered together a number of links of Mental Health support organisations who can help if you need it. Most we have recommended already but this is a useful summary - Click here to see 
‘Safe Space Sussex’ is an online directory of local victim services. In response to the lockdown and concerns raised around crimes like Domestic Abuse, the Safe Space website is relaunching with new features to support victims of all types of crime, both physical and cyber crime. Safe Sussex Space Website 
The Mix is a website specifically for under 25s which gives support and advice on a wide range of subjects including health. Click here 
Following the change in Government guidelines, the information about Horsham Parks and open spaces has been updated.  
Follow this link to see Horsham Parks and Leisure 
There are a plenty of new vacancies this week, including some part-time and some that can be done from home. SITEL, who provide call centre services with staff all based at home are recruiting. They have multiple vacancies – 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available – live-vacancies 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link contact-us and we will get in touch. 
And finally 
There have been a large number of new customers over the last two weeks, so please bear with us if there is a slight delay in contacting you.  
We are committed to helping you on your journey towards employment so please get in touch if we can help you in any way. It has been great to speak, text or email with many of you over the last couple of weeks and hear how you are getting on. 
Take care and hopefully speak soon.  
Richard and Mel.  
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