Week 48 
Welcome to the Forty-eighth bulletin. 
Virtual WISH - There will be no online workshops this week but we're starting again next week! For information to follow.  
Over the next few weeks we will look at some of the ways that you can use lockdown and COVID as a springboard rather than a wall in your journey and tackle the issues that it has thrown up for the world of work in particular. 
As we start to see people and businesses moving out of the lockdown conditions, now would be a good time to review what you have learnt or achieved during the past 12 months and do a major update of your CV, cover letters and emails and profiles. Don’t forget that skills are gained from every part of your life, not just work and make sure you include them in there. 
Firstly lets re-do (or do for the first time) the Strengths and Skills exercise that we did almost a year ago. Get started this week and we will develop it some more over the coming weeks. 
How to develop your LinkedIn profile 
If you haven’t set up your profile yet, go back to the week 45 bulletin for the practical “how-to”. This should be a working profile which is regularly updated so make a note for yourself in your diary and set yourself a target to review the contents at least once a month to make sure that any recruiter will see a clear and accurate picture of you. 
While we are on the subject of pictures, here are some hints about that all important profile shot! linkedin-photo-advice 
If you are a student, or have not had very much work experience, it is still really important to have a profile. Read this if you are still unconvinced, but I have a real life example from this past week.  
My son came off the phone from a friend who is just finishing their PGSE to become a teacher and has started looking for jobs in a school in the area where they live. The friend was getting downhearted with the slow progress of the job searching process and unsure whether teaching was going to suit them and their skills. My immediate suggestion was to update his profile and look for other teachers in the area to have a chat with. In fact I had two or three in my own network that I could connect him with in minutes.  
“Oh he used to be on LinkedIn but cant see the point of it any more”.  
This is possibly the worst of both worlds! If your profile is looking old and out of date it has the potential to undermine the most sparkly and impressive CV, if you get to the short list stage and the recruiter starts checking out your online presence. Whatever you personally think about this, the fact is that almost all interviewers will check you out before meeting you so please make sure that what they find is going to help you and not hinder. 
Next week we will look at what recruiters or headhunters are looking for when they search LinkedIn and how to capitalise on that. 
Looking for some practical ways to prepare for those jobs that you find on our Live Jobs pages? 
For those who are new to WISH you will find help to practice answering application or interview questions if you pop back into last year’s bulletins. Just find one that suits you and have a go at one which you know might trip you up. There are plenty to choose from, all accessible from the bulletin bar on the SETAS website. 
Here is an example of a question you might be asked in an interview: 
Interview question of the week - “What are your hobbies outside of work?” 
Employers will often ask questions about your personal life to get an insight into your personality and see how you’d fit in with the team. Although this question is relatively informal, make sure your answer is sensible. 
If you have started a new hobby during lockdown or had to find a different way to take part in an existing one, then this would be an excellent way to demonstrate your flexibility and problem-solving strengths. 
If you’re part of a sports team or community group, this is a great thing to mention as it shows that you can work in a team or enjoy helping others. If you enjoy reading industry blogs or watching webinars on the weekend, it’s great to mention this too. But, if you don’t do these things, don’t lie. Cycling, watching the cricket/football or trying out new recipes are all good enough answers! 
Training courses 
WEA - All Courses Free (for those in receipt of benefits) *many of these are starting this week* 
Enrol online or by telephone on 0300 303 3464 
Want to work in a school? As a teaching assistant or support worker in a nursery? 
Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools and Colleges. Tue 30th March- 13th July (every Tuesday for 13 weeks) 9.30am- 2.30pm 
Cost: £275.00 (FREE to those receiving relevant income related benefits) 
For information go to: Click here to enrol 
To arrange an initial assessment contact samanthajohnson@wea.org.uk Or call Samantha Johnson, Education Coordinator. Tel. 07825 112798 
WEA are also running some Easter based craft sessions for families which you are invited to join. 
Aspire Sussex have a new suite of Skills for Work and Life courses to brush up on your IT skills and Job Searching and Career planning skills – check them out here free-life-work-skills-courses 
If English is not your first language they also have a range of offers to help you to access some important tests like the Driving Theory test or to take your CSCS card for construction. 
Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing 
Speaking of hobbies above reminded me of this article I read and thought had some great ideas! The Activity of the month particularly appeals at this time of the year, as with the new shoots appearing and that feeling of change in the air it is perhaps easier than in the depths of winter to find the enthusiasm to try something different. why you need a new hobby 
Maintaining good Mental Health is so important, an Olympian shares his thoughts on how to make Failure your friend! Curious, how that can be after a long period of job searching? Click here 
The Calm Zone their helpline is open 5pm-midnight ready to offer practical advice to help you deal with however you’re feeling. They’ve also put together some tips to help you put some order around your day and tackle everything in the best way possible. The Calm Zone 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - WISH - live vacancies 
Are you interested in working for the NHS? - NHS Jobs - click here 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then let us know and we will get in touch. Richard has one to one sessions available during the week where you can do more of a deep dive into your questions. If you would like to book a session, please email or call Richard to set one up, they are for you to use so please do take advantage of them. SETAS - contact us 
See you soon we hope and please take good care.  
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