Hi there and welcome to the sixtieth bulletin! 
This week, as well as some new stuff we will be revisiting some more of the topics and headlines from bulletins from the last twelve months. 
How are you feeling now we’re able to go into shops, pubs, restaurants again?  
If you are one of the many people who have not been able to go out during lockdown or have chosen to stay inside - the prospect of going into shops and even walking outside might be daunting. You are not alone, so be kind to yourself and take things gently. 
Whilst your concerns are understandable, supporting local businesses is important. Many of the cafes, restaurants etc. have been given permission to significantly increase their outside seating space. So, while we’re having a good stint of weather, why not get yourself a nice cuppa and do some Jobsearching while you also do some people watching?! Being outside and part of the community is good for the spirits, as well as giving you the chance to see who has ‘vacancy’ signs in their windows in the town centre (perhaps bring some CVs too, so you’re prepared). 
Jobsearch Activity of the week – Master/Source Document 
It is a really good idea to create for yourself a single master document with all your basic information, your education and employment dates, grades, institutions etc all laid out and easy to cut and paste into actual applications. This saves you having to keep checking backwards and forwards in several places for the information – particularly useful if you find yourself with an application with a short deadline! Most application forms follow a similar format so include something for all the sections mentioned on this link. nationalcareers/application-forms 
Education and Training/Previous jobs sections are especially important; it’s where you have the opportunity of outlining your experience. Do not simply write ‘see attached CV’. This will give the impression that you are just throwing out generic applications. It is important to make the employer feel that you are really keen to work for them specifically. 
Double-check whether the form asks you to list your achievements with the earliest or most recent first. It is more common to be asked to list them MOST RECENT FIRST. Make sure you present these sections neatly when transferring them into an application, whether handwritten or typed. If you are filling in a form electronically, make sure the dates, qualifications and institutions line up. The formatting sometimes gets mixed up in these forms. You want prospective employees to be able to easily see the information immediately. 
You will be surprised how long it can take to gather all this information together so getting your master sheet completed is going to really help. 
You can use the master sheet to record possible answers to questions too, examples of teamwork, projects, successes, challenges etc. You can then learn, practice and improve. 
Interview question of the week - What would your ex-colleagues say are your best qualities? 
The interviewer is looking to assess your relationships with your colleagues and how you engage with other team members. They’re looking to see if you’ll be a good match for their team. 
Avoid giving vague or over the top claims, this will dent the credibility of your answer. 
Instead, prepare for this question prior to the interview. If possible, ask your existing / previous colleagues what they would say about you and think about examples you can use to back their comments up. Qualities that your future employers would want to see include being positive, hard-working, dependable and easy to get along with. 
If you have already left your position and do not feel comfortable contacting your old co-workers, think back to previous appraisals and use the positive feedback you received to form your answer. 
Additionally, in this era of LinkedIn and as part of your preparation for your new role, consider using your time to build your connections and ask them to write an online recommendation for you. There are some ideas here, but you may have different ones 
You might also consider putting something like this on your own LinkedIn page to offer help to other people. 
“If you’ve been made redundant (or are at risk), and we know each other or have worked together at any time, please get in touch and let me know how I can help you." 
"Can I put you in touch with a person or company?" 
"Write a LinkedIn recommendation or endorsement?" 
Please don’t feel afraid or too proud to ask – most people are genuinely happy to help when asked. Wouldn't you be...?! 
Now is the time to help each other to get back on our feet and you could be surprised by who gets in touch and where it leads. 
Skill of the week - Be brave - making the most of opportunities when they come along! 
As we are coming out of lockdown (again) many of us are feeling a bit wobbly and uncertain about how things are going to work as we return to the “New Normal” as they are calling it. Even things that we were used to doing without a single care in the world are feeling challenging and uncertain. Let us support each other in this and acknowledge that for some people this is more difficult than others. 
If you find that the prospect of going out to work and more active job hunting is making you feel very anxious then let someone know and chat it through with them. If you would rather talk to someone you don’t know personally, there have been plenty of organisations listed in previous bulletins that can help, just go back and find one which fits your circumstances. 
We can all look out for opportunities this week to stretch our current boundaries whilst still following the Government advice that is appropriate for you. Whether that is physically going a little bit further or getting more involved in the community around you, actively seek ways that you can move forward out of the lockdown. 
Some of the local volunteering opportunities are starting to come back, maybe help with litter picking or weeding in the parks. If you need help to find ideas, then let us know or take a look at this Horsham District Council link - volunteerhorshamdistrict 
Ever fancied improving your Public Speaking skills?  
There is an Eventbrite free webinar that will give you some of the headline tips to be more confident and effective. This might also include an online or physical presentation or interview. eventbrite - public-speaking-confidence 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
If you are planning to stay based at home for a little while longer, for whatever reason, Public Health England have lots of ways to keep healthy. 
Horsham District Council’s Wellbeing team also have a range of ‘Get Active’, ‘Nutrition and Weight Management’ and other health and wellbeing free courses and support for Horsham residents. So, whether it’s Bums and Tums, giving up smoking or having a free wellbeing MOT, click here HDC - community/health-and-wellbeing 
Next week is once again Loneliness Awareness Week hosted by the Marmalade Trust. https://www.marmaladetrust.org/law 
If you would like support or just some ideas how to connect with more people, try the Marmalade Trust Link or nhs.every-mind-matters/loneliness 
Horsham's new Wellbeing Centre in Horsham town will officially be opening on Saturday 19 June.  
The Hub will offer support to residents and those working in the Horsham District aged 18+. The main focus of the hub will be to engage with the community and provide FREE support and services for those that want to improve their general health and wellbeing. 
Here is the link for more information on the launch - Horsham Wellbeing Hub Launch Saturday 19th June 10am - 4pm 
There will be a number of events following the launch, click here to see more details.  
Local new vacancies  
From now on the new vacancies will be uploaded as a pdf, so you can download and save them yourself -  
here are the links for the most recent uploads - click here 
And finally, WISH will be finishing at the end of June, so we'll not be taking on any more people from now, however Horsham District Council will continue with employment support after that via the fabulous new team now in place.  
All the information you need can be accessed via this link - horsham employment support 
We are doing more online and telephone 1-2-1s, so if you're an existing WISH participant please do get in touch with Richard if you would like some specific support via the email below.  
See you soon we hope and please take good care.  
Richard and Mel 
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