Week 17 
Welcome to the seventeenth bulletin 
This week’s Activity 
Have another look at volunteering if you are ready to go out to work and are waiting for a paid role. Horsham Volunteers Service has over 100 opportunities at the moment doing a wide variety of roles, with new ones coming on every week. You never know who you might meet while you are out volunteering and it is a great way to keep your skills fresh and use them to help others. Especially useful if you are looking to change direction as you can try out something new and see whether it suits you. Horsham Volunteering 
If you are concerned that you would be trapped and unable to leave if you subsequently found paid work, please don’t be. Your team will be overjoyed to have helped you on your way to finding that job and it will show any prospective employers that you are using your time profitably while you apply for your next position. 
Online courses that you might wish to consider - Psychometric Tests 
If you are likely to be required to do some kind of psychometric test as part of the application process then the best way to prepare is to do lots and lots of practice! There are several different types of test Numerical, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract, Aptitude and you can find help in how to approach them and samples online. The best way to find out which one you might be asked to do is to put the name of the company and “interview” in your search engine and see whether someone has left a review. In fact, that is a really useful thing to do anyway, especially if the employer is well known as you can often get a really detailed description of the way they run their recruitment even down to some of their favourite questions. Try this link to get you started passmyjobtest 
They take a while to get used to and to get comfortable and confident so while you are job searching it would be well worth doing a few a day or set aside a particular time each week to dedicate to practicing. 
When it comes to actually taking the tests these are usually sent to you to complete at home online by a certain time. If you are the kind of person who leaves things to the last minute, please try to resist the temptation to do it on this. It is not uncommon for these websites to go down, so it is not something that we recommend leaving to the last minute then trying to cram in a few hours before the deadline! 
Gatwick Diamond Job Centres are pleased to announce a virtual Youth Opportunities week running from 27th July to 31st July with sessions at 11am and 2pm. The sessions have been designed for young people age 16-24 (Please check as some sessions have different criteria) 
Any young person interested in attending a virtual session can email michael.tran@dwp.gov.uk Mike will be able to give further information and booking details. 
Think Employment have a wide range of courses that you can currently do from home which would usually be done face to face. 
Skill of the week - Perseverance 
The jobs market is a very strange place at the moment, and it may feel like whatever you do nothing is coming right for you. Please get in touch if you are finding it a lonely task and have a chat. Talking through your activities and what you are looking for might help you to find new ideas or at least confirm that you are doing everything that you can for the time being. 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link contact-us and we will get in touch. 
Interview question of the week - How to close the interview positively 
The last five minutes of the interview are just as important as the first five. It is easy to feel so relieved that you have finished the questions part that you let all the energy that you have built up just trickle away. Alternatively, with interviews done online it is possible that you are running out of time to get what you want to say in before they close out, so you find yourself gabbling! 
This link has some great tips - tips/closing-an-interview 
Coming to the interview with some intelligent questions for the interviewer will demonstrate your knowledge of the company as well as your serious intent. 
We would recommend that you prepare at least four questions to ask them, but with a view to asking two or maybe three if time allows. If you only bring two then you can guarantee they will have already been answered during the interview and you will be left desperately trying to make one up on the spot. 
A good all-purpose question is, "If you could design the ideal candidate for this position from the ground up, what would he or she be like?" 
Ask about the next steps, where does the process go from here, when will you hear back from them? 
Close on a positive note. If you get to the end of an interview and think you'd really like that job, ask for it! 
After the Interview 
The last important thing to remember once you have “left the room” is to send a short thank you note to the interviewers. It might be worth preparing the bones of it ahead of time so that it is ready to go, For example, “Thank you for taking the time to see me, it was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to hearing in due course” 
but if possible include some comment which ties in with something that happened or was discussed in the interview. This will help them to tie it up with you and makes it more personal. 
Application question of the week 
So, last week we looked at how you should give the prospective employer every reason to add you to their short list by going down the list of what they have stated is their essential criteria and showing how you tick every box. Then do the same with the desirable ones. 
But what should you do if you DON’T fulfil an “essential criteria” or don’t have the necessary qualifications that they are asking for? Is it even worth trying? 
It’s time to go back to the job description and read it very carefully. Then ask yourself the killer question – Can you do the job? If you think that your experience or other qualifications would enable you to do it and you have transferrable skills which make you a great candidate for the role, then say so. 
If it states that you need a specific qualification and you have something similar at the same level or several years in the same industry then put that in. If you have done the role before but without the qualification then put that in, or if you don’t have anything even vaguely relevant you can say that you would be happy to study for the qualification alongside the job if needed. The worst thing that you can put is not applicable or no!  
Find something positive to say about yourself which would benefit them and move on. If you are able to fulfil a number of the desirable qualities but not a couple of the essential ones then that will obviously help. 
Remember that the job description is a wish-list of skills and qualities, often ones which were possessed by the previous job-holder who may have been in that post for several years and took time to get to that capability. 
Employers are looking for someone who will fit into their existing team and enhance its effectiveness and may not have even considered something that you have to offer so go ahead and sell your other skills rather than not applying. 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
Keep an eye out for announcements on the local indoor leisure facilities being opened as restrictions are lifted. Most of the outdoor parks are now open and children’s play areas so in the meantime take advantage of the good weather and get outside!  
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - wish-live-vacancies 
And finally 
We are committed to helping you on your journey towards employment so please get in touch if we can help you in any way. It has been great to speak, text or email with many of you over the last couple of weeks and hear how you are getting on. 
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