Week 44 
Welcome to the Forty-fourth bulletin. 
Virtual WISH 
Friday 12th February at 2pm is about “Making Applications Count” If you are new to WISH you are especially welcome to come along and meet some other local job seekers and share the journey together 
Register here to attend Click here 
To join us, you will need to register using the appropriate link, then an email will be sent to you with everything you need to come along. 
The links for the next batch of upcoming topics can always be found and you can book in as soon as they come out, no need to wait for the week they are being run. Click here 
Sessions will keep being added so pop back regularly to see what is on offer. 
If you haven’t been in the job market for a number of years, you will find that things have changed. This article highlights some of the things that are likely to continue even as we move out of lockdown and the recruitment landscape begins to recover, you might find it helpful. 
Looking for some practical ways to prepare for those jobs that you find on our Live Jobs pages? 
For those who are new to WISH you will find help to practice answering application or interview questions if you pop back into last year’s bulletins. Just find one that suits you and have a go at one which you know might trip you up. There are 36 weeks to choose from, all accessible from the bulletin bar on the SETAS website. 
If you are happy that you can answer all the other questions perfectly, then here are some additional ones which will crop up if you are going for an executive role – have a go and see whether there are any that would cause you problems. Remember the STAR model when formulating your answer (see bulletin 5 if you missed it) 15-executive-interview-questions/ 
Feedback after an interview 
It would be nice if the person or team interviewing you would give detailed and useful feedback if you are not successful but those who have been job seeking for even a few weeks know that it is currently very unlikely to happen. It is always worth asking for feedback if you have got through to the interview stage but increasingly employers are not supplying it. However frustrating this is, there is no reason why you can’t write your own feedback as soon as you finish or get back from that meeting, to help you to improve. 
Don’t forget to treat your Job search as a job itself. 
If you are keeping all the details of where you have applied, what the job description was and the skills needed and how far you got (including keeping a copy of your application so that you can copy any flashes of inspiration into your next one) then just add a sheet, even if its handwritten, jotting down the things you did well and the things you wish you had said! 
Try to look back constructively not just highlight to yourself everything you did wrong. It may be that you will get a second chance to work at the company and you can re-purpose some information that your learnt from your first interview. 
Richard will have some more thoughts at the Wednesday Workshop so come along and get some fresh ideas. 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - Live Vacancies 
Training courses 
Safer Internet Day is 9th February 2021 with lots of information, resources and activities for you to do to improve your knowledge of this important subject. The information will be available after the event to keep reminding you how to keep yourself and your family safe. 
If you are out and about in any capacity the NSPCC have made their Safeguarding Awareness course free until the end of March. This is not an attempt to have us all spying on our neighbours but a recognition that in a small minority of cases things behind closed doors are not as they should be and as a community we all need to look after those who might need help. Whilst the course is focusing on children, there are many elderly or otherwise vulnerable adults who would benefit from someone keeping an eye out for them. While we are clearing paths of snow and ice, let’s be aware of the signs and be a great neighbour. safeguarding-awareness-course 
WEA - All Courses Free (for those in receipt of benefits). Enrol online or by telephone on 0300 303 3464 
Spanish for Beginners Course Code C3746218 
Learn key Spanish phrases, vocabulary and grammar structures in order to introduce you to Spanish culture. 
starting Wednesday 24/02/2021, 6weeks, 10-11.30 am, £28.80 Click here to enrol 
Confidence – Transferable Skills Course Code C3746195 
Spend time to develop your confidence and recognise your skills can transfer to lots of different situations. 
Starting 22/02/21 Monday, 6 weeks 10-11.30am, £6.40. Click here to enrol 
Computer Skills for Beginners Course code C3746167 
Develop your confidence and to feel more capable in your ability to use Word and Excel in a work environment. Starting 12/02/21 Friday, 7 weeks, 10-11.30am, Cost: £33.60 Click here to enrol 
Counselling Course code C3746197 
An introduction to using counselling skills to enhance communication at work or in your personal life. 
Starting Wednesday 24/02/21, 6 weeks, 12.00-2.00pm, £38.40 Click here to enrol 
Curious about starting your own business? Think this might be the way for you? Have a fantastic idea but don’t know where to start? 
Come to this 2 hour taster to discover some of the things involved in setting up your own business. 
Start Your Own Business- Taster Course code C3746184 
This taster aims to discuss some of the key elements when it comes to setting up your own business. Starting Tuesday 09/02/21, 1 week, 10am-12pm, £6.40 FREE if in receipt of benefits. Click here to enrol 
Start Your Own Business Course code C3746186 
Practical and discussion based activities to help students to: develop business ideas, write vision and mission statements, consider the 5 Ps of marketing, plan social media and advertising and write up business plans. 
Starting Tuesday 23/02/21, 10 weeks, 10am-12pm, £64.00 Click here to enrol 
If you are a keen reader then WEA are celebrating a week of Books – details are attached 
Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing 
The Horsham Wellbeing team have launched a new wellbeing package offered by phone or video link. There are new benefits “We're now offering everyone that signs up the opportunity to access 3 months of free exercise via access to AHS Wellbeing Online. AHS Wellbeing offer a range of fun virtual workouts for all ages and abilities, delivered right to the home by their friendly support team. There are over 30 virtual fitness classes to take part in, from Back to Exercise to Pilates and Yoga to Regaining Strength. Hopefully you will be spoilt for choice! 
Alternatively you can book on to one of our 10-week online Get Active courses (Exercise to Music, Pilates and 'Outdoor' Fitness). 
If you're ready to make small, sustainable changes every week focusing on nutrition and exercise, get in touch! Westsussexwellbeing 
They have also put together a lot of ways to stay positive – if you have any other suggestions do let us know and we can pass them on. 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then let us know and we will get in touch. Richard has one to one sessions available during the week where you can do more of a deep dive into your questions. If you would like to book a session, please email or call Richard to set one up, they are for you to use so please do take advantage of them. SETAS - contact us 
See you soon we hope and please take good care.  
Richard and Mel 
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Email - richard.brooks@setas.org.uk 
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