Week 43 
Welcome to the Forty-third bulletin. 
Virtual WISH 
There are two opportunities this week to join a workshop 
Wednesday 3rd February at 4pm is called 2nd time lucky! How revisiting old contacts can work. Register here to attend Click Here 
Friday 5th February at 2pm is about Making Applications Count. Are you frantically applying for everything you see, with a scattergun approach on the basic that you are bound to hit something eventually? Come and chat about job searching strategy and using your time more effectively. If you are new to WISH you are especially welcome to come along and meet some other local job seekers and share the journey together. Register here to attend Click Here 
To join us, you will need to register using the appropriate link, then an email will be sent to you with everything you need to come along. 
The links for the next batch of upcoming topics can always be found and you can book in as soon as they come out, no need to wait for the week they are being run. wish-job-clubs/wish-online/ 
Sessions will keep being added so pop back regularly to see what is on offer. 
If you are new to job seeking then read this before you go any further! Click Here 
What happens when you send off your application to an employer? - continued 
If you read last week’s bulletin and had never heard of an ATS (applicant tracking system) you might find this useful.  
There is a massive tendency, when writing your CV, to want it to stand out from the crowd and there are hundreds of pro-formas and templates that you can access to make them look a million dollars. Back in the good old days (!) I remember being advised to print on coloured paper or include a photo to make the recruiter take more notice but obviously the first sift, sometimes several sifts, are now performed by a computer.  
The harsh reality is that in many cases, although not all, no human will see your masterpiece unless you make it to the shortlist. As more and more people are out of work and applying for every vacancy, the chances of ATS being used in some form increases dramatically. Rather than greet this information with despair, you have the power to use it to make sure that your CV does make the cut – so make some changes, if you are not getting any responses at all from your applications. Click Here 
If you want more information then we first covered their use in bulletin 12 so you can read more there. 
As always, if you want some support let us know – Richard is booking 1:1 sessions and will be delighted to chat through how this may apply to your own CV. 
Do you know anyone needing transport to their CV-19 vaccination? 
To find your nearest community transport scheme nearest/community-transport-provider 
If you find that your local scheme is not able to help, you can contact CT Sussex on 01403 754206 to book a journey. 
Or, call WSCC Community Hub (Covid) on 033 022 27980 
Now that we have been restricted for such a long time in some shape or another, it may be that you are finding everything very same-y as you have settled into a routine which fits within the rules. Our friends over at East Sussex County Council have put together some thoughts on making a difference to your day to day life. I love this piece on rediscovering your daily walk by making some simple changes. Remember “All movement is valid”! reinvent-your-walk! 
If you are finding that managing your feelings is more of a challenge than previously, then consider making your own Mental Health First Aid kit so that you are ready to address those dips in your mood quickly without having to search around for just the right pick me up.  
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link https://www.setas.org.uk/contact-us/ and we will get in touch. Richard has a number of one to one sessions available during the week where you can do more of a deep dive into your questions. Complete the form and he will get in touch to book you in. 
Looking for some practical ways to prepare for those jobs that you find on our Live Jobs pages? 
For those who are new to WISH you will find help to practice answering application or interview questions if you pop back into last year’s bulletins. Just find one that suits you and have a go at one which you know might trip you up. There are 36 weeks to choose from, all accessible from the bulletin bar on the SETAS website. 
If you are happy that you can answer all the other questions perfectly, then here are some additional ones which will crop up if you are going for an executive role – have a go and see whether there are any that would cause you problems. Remember the STAR model when formulating your answer (see bulletin 5 if you missed it) 15-executive-interview-questions 
Training courses 
If you are over 50 and would like to undertake some training in a massive range of subjects, professional, hobbies or health based check out https://restless.co.uk/ 
Get ahead and stand out to employers 
The Skills Toolkit on the Gov.uk website gives you access to free, high-quality online courses that can help you boost your future job prospects. 
By setting aside time for online learning – even an hour a week – you can learn skills that employers are looking for and broaden your experience too. have-you-got-an-hour-to-skill? 
WEA - All Courses Free (for those in receipt of benefits) 
Enrol online or by telephone on 0300 303 3464 
Coaching for Positive Change - Course code C3746185 
Learn techniques to overcome anxiety and develop positive attitudes to change. 
Breathing, Mindfulness and relaxation and much more. Friday 05/02/21, 7 weeks, 10.00am-12pm, £44.80 Click here 
Confidence and Can Do – Expanding Your Horizons Course code C3746199 
The aim of the course is for older students wanting to develop skills and confidence to enable them to move back into the workplace or aim for a career change. Starting 02/02/21 Tuesday, 8 weeks, 10.00am-12pm, £38.40 Click here 
Computer Skills for Beginners Course code C3746167 
Develop your confidence and to feel more capable in your ability to use Word and Excel in a work environment. 
Starting 12/02/21, 7 weeks, 10-11.30am Click here 
Do you love books?? Join WEA on a literary exploration. 1st – 5th March 2021 
The WEA presents a week of short courses celebrating World Book Day and International Women’s Day! 
There’s something for everyone from Shakespeare to Sci-Fi, poetry to plays and everything in between… Ionesco, Evaristo, Ralph Ellison, Noel Coward to name a few. Click here to see the poster for information and links to join the classes. Sign up soon a lot of classes are filling up! 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health. Dealing with Low Mood, Stress and Anxiety C2422133 
Learn about low mood, stress and anxiety, the causes and ways to manage them in a safe way. 
5th to 12th Feb 202. Fri 10:00- 12:00. 2 sessions – come to both 
Free or £12.80. Enrol online Click here Or by phone 0300 303 3464 
Curious about starting your own business? Think this might be the way for you? Have a fantastic idea but don’t know where to start? 
Come to this 2 hour taster to discover some of the things involved in setting up your own business. 
Start Your Own Business- Taster Course code C3746184 
This taster aims to discuss some of the key elements when it comes to setting up your own business. 
Starting Tuesday 09/02/21, 1 week, 10am-12pm, £6.40 FREE if in receipt of benefits. Click here 
Waves Project – Groundwork London 
If you are 18+ and out of work or recently made redundant, there are a couple of accredited courses being run by Groundworks to get you started with Horticulture or Business Administration. See the attached flyers for more information and contact them if you would like to know more. They also offer courses in Maths and English Functional skills, Employability, Food Safety and Hygiene. 
Coming soon - Safer Internet Day 9th Feb 2021 – advice for families 
Even if you feel completely at home using the internet to access all kinds of things and lets face it we have all become much more reliant on it during the past 12 months, the Safer Internet Day will be a good opportunity to do a little audit and make sure that you and your family are using it as securely as possible. With children accessing homeschooling and using the internet to do homework tasks more independently, it’s a good time to make sure that everyone is following the basic guidelines to keep safe. Safer Internet Day 2021 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
If you are over 50 then then try out this website dedicated to all kinds of things from health to Community which includes work too. There are very useful tips on choosing healthy exercise that will prepare you for the rest of your life. It is free to join and they will send you relevant information if you request it, including job opportunities in your area. restless.co.uk 
BBC Bitesize 
With the schools closed and many parents home schooling there are lots of interesting programmes on TV. Even if you are not strictly their target audience (!) a quick session of Horrible Histories, The Planets or Operation Ouch will soon bring a smile to your face. Learning new facts and skills is very good for your mental health and you never know, you mind find a new passion. There is also lots of careers focused information online aimed at young people but still useful if you are interested in changing direction. Don’t let the kids have all the fun!!  
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - WISH live vacancies 
Temporary or Short Term opportunities 
There are a couple of national initiatives being rolled out, which require a large number of people for temporary or short contracts from the New Year. If you have a JCP Work Coach and are thinking of applying for anything like this, just speak to them and check what impact it will have on any benefits that you are receiving before applying. 
Join the NHS COVID-19 vaccine team (lots of non-medical roles as well as vaccinators) join-the-nhs-covid-19-vaccine-team/ 
Census 2021 – some of these opportunities expire on 8th January so if you might be interested, check them out as a matter of priority. Click here censusjobs 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
Our friends at the Horsham District Council Wellbeing team have a whole lot of suggestions for getting you healthy for the new year with a wide variety of courses and opportunities to find the right level of support. Check out their page here to see some of the options and get in touch with them if you would like their help. Horsham District Council 
If you are interested in wildlife and want to know more of what you might spot locally, Wilder Horsham District is an innovative five-year partnership between Sussex Wildlife Trust and Horsham District Council working to deliver a Nature Recovery Network for Horsham District. 
The NHS has some advice on keeping moving indoors, now that the rules on going out have tightened again. Keep an eye on their You Tube channel for new workouts every Wednesday and Saturday Click here 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then let us know and we will get in touch. Richard has one to one sessions available during the week where you can do more of a deep dive into your questions. If you would like to book a session, please email or call Richard to set one up, they are for you to use so please do take advantage of them. SETAS - contact us 
See you soon we hope and please take good care.  
Richard and Mel 
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Office - 01403 627766 
Email - richard.brooks@setas.org.uk 
Specialist Employment, Training and Advice Services 
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