Week 20 
Welcome to the Twentieth bulletin 
This week’s Activity 
Join us for the first of our Virtual WISH sessions on Friday 21st August at 2pm! 
Next week we are launching our face to face online workshops where we will be discussing some of the issues that have been raised in these bulletins and giving you the opportunity to get back connected with your fellow job seekers.  
The subjects that we will be covering include Motivation, Application Forms, Interview Skills, Training opportunities, Maintaining your Mental Health and lots of other topics that you have requested.  
Please do put your own ideas to us using this survey to help us to provide the information that is most relevant to you at this time  
or this week, to sign up to join us we are asking you to email back to richard.brooks@setas.org.uk and we will contact you direct with the relevant joining information. 
The session will be delivered over the Zoom platform, which can be accessed on PC, laptop, tablet or phone and is very easy to use. We can provide someone to help you to get it working if you are concerned about it so please don’t let that stop you joining us. 
The first session will be very informal and an opportunity to hear more about what we are planning and have your say – so sign up as soon as you can and make sure that you take full advantage of this additional way to interact with the WISH team. 
We are SO looking forward to seeing you again! 
Online courses that you might wish to consider 
A couple of weeks ago we recommended looking at the BT Work Ready scheme for those who are 18-24. There was a live event on 3rd August where a variety of well-known media people introduce help to develop the right skills and attitudes. Although aimed at younger people, it had lots of useful tips and suggestions. If you missed it, you can now watch the event here BT Work Ready 
For those who are not in that age group, BT have gathered together a wide range of courses to do from home particularly useful if you want to improve your digital skills. BT Skills for Tomorrow 
Crawley College are running some taster sessions in a number of subjects for people to see whether they would like to sign up for a longer course. See this flyer for more information - Crawley College flyer 
Skill of the week 
Job seeking through Social Media 
If you have not appreciated quite how much power social media has in the job seeking process then I would encourage you to spend a bit of time researching it for yourself. We will look more at the negatives associated with the content you might have on your profiles next week, but before that let’s see how you can use the various platforms to find roles that are not being advertised on the usual jobs boards. 
Twitter – all the Job Centres have their own Twitter feed which for us in Horsham is @JCPinSussex and I would recommend also looking at @JCPinSurrey if you are happy to travel a little bit. They post a constant stream of new jobs with links to the employer’s website for you to apply direct. You can also follow #M25corridorJobs to be alerted when Jobs Fairs are coming up. 
Facebook – local jobs are often posted on a businesses page, especially seasonal ones and you can set up an alert to tell you when they come up. 
LinkedIn – is a business networking service with lots of ways to support you in your job search. For this week, if you have not looked at it recently, then just go and have a look at it and see what it has to offer. We will be suggesting a lot more ways to use it over the coming weeks but you might start by looking back at the Week 3 bulletin for a link to get you set up. 
Blogging – if you have a field of expertise that you are looking to enter or re-connect with, then writing your own material is a good way to get noticed. Again, if this is something that you are interested in, we will be talking more about it in the future but let us know if you want more tips before then. 
Interview question of the week - What are you looking for? 
This is perhaps something that you might be asked outside of an interview situation, but it could also be posed as a very open question for you to deal with. The challenge is to come up with a short punchy summary that you are ready to deliver it at any time and to anyone – after all you never know when you are going to meet your future employer either in person or online! This is sometimes called your “elevator pitch” and it is well worth spending time developing and practising it. You need to be able to say everything important in about 30 seconds. Remember it is not intended as a massive long sales pitch, it’s just to gain their attention and hook their interest. 
It may be that it has been a long time since you had to answer this question and you are not really sure what you want, other than a regular income to pay the bills. Time considering how your skills can be transferred to another role, business or sector is going to make sure that you are ready to give a coherent response. 
Application question of the week - Coldcalling/direct emails 
We looked at speculative letters to go with your CV in bulletin 15 and this builds on that, looking at sending an email to a specific individual asking them for help with your job search. 
So, what if you know which employer you want to work for, but they are not currently advertising the role you are interested in? Should you sit and wait for the perfect job to come up or is there a way to signal to them that you are just what they need? 
There are several ways that you can approach this 
Go straight to someone in their HR team and ask if there are any jobs coming up soon and outlining your skills 
Email someone doing a similar role within the company and asking their advice on how to get into the industry 
Email someone you already know who has a contact that they could introduce you to, so that you can ask for their help 
Email the manager that you would like to work for and ask for a meeting 
Be clear in what you are asking, use the email to open to door to a meeting (either online or on the phone if necessary) rather than trying to say everything in the actual email. The email is just the hook to get them interested then you can really promote yourself at the follow up discussion. Do not go into this process thinking that it is a quick way to cut through the application cycle – done properly you will need to spend at least as much time identifying the exact company and the right person to contact there, but it is certainly a very effective way to get your foot in the door when the conventional methods are not working for you. 
careercontessa.com has some good tips and suggested wordings but you need to write the final email in your own words, after all it is you that you are selling! 
Maintaining good Mental and Physical Health 
Places Leisure are delighted to be opening their leisure centres from 17th August – more details here, so if you have been desperate to get back to your usual exercise then that’s great news. Horsham Wellbeing bulletins 
This week is Shop Local Week (10th-16th Aug) and a great time to show your support for those businesses that have kept you going over the past few months. help-the-high-street-bounce-back 
If you have been missing meeting up with friends for a cup of afternoon tea check out the 'Tea at 2' initiative to help out local businesses as well as getting you out and about during the time of day that is most quiet in the town. discoverhorshamdistrict - enjoy-tea-at-2 
The Capitol Theatre is also offering reduced price tickets as they open up their doors again special-offer-on-film-ticket-prices-at-the-capitol 
Amberley Museum is also opening although you will need to buy tickets in advance so that they can keep everyone safe. Amberley Museum 
Safe At Home is a new service from Possability People’s Get Involved Group. It will support disabled people and people living with long term health conditions in Crawley and Horsham so they feel less isolated, particularly during Covid-19. The Safe At Home team will make regular social calls, via the phone or zoom. These will include regular telephone calls to people, whether for a simple, friendly chat or to talk over more specific issues someone has. The service will be able to sign post on to appropriate local services. Possability People - safe-at-home 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - WISH-live-vacancies 
If you would like some one-to-one job searching support, then fill in your details on this link https://www.setas.org.uk/contact-us/ and we will get in touch. 
And finally 
We are committed to helping you on your journey towards employment so please get in touch if we can help you in any way. It has been great to speak, text or email with many of you over the last couple of weeks and hear how you are getting on. 
Richard and Mel 
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