Hello to you all, 
How are you getting on adjusting to being at home so much more than usual? 
Most people are finding it difficult - however much you are used to staying in, if you can’t go out whenever you want to, somehow that is different. Even planning your shopping and daily exercise for each day takes up a lot more time than usual and it is easy to think that everyone else is managing so much better than you are. 
It is important to realise that you are not alone, we are all struggling to adjust to the new regime. Employers are also trying to balance keeping their businesses going with the constantly changing regulations and most are not in a position to take on new staff. That said, there are a number of industries who suddenly need more help on a temporary basis and if you are well and able to go out and work there are still opportunities out there. If you are in a position to work, you might like to check out some of these we have found; 
Link to businesses who have jobs with immediate starts available - WISH live vacancies 
For the rest of us this is a time of preparation and an opportunity to fill some of those skills gaps. There are many offers of free training at the moment and we will continue to bring you some each week. If you see something that you like but need some help to get signed up or are not sure what to do, why not give us a call and we can talk you through it? 
Online courses that you might wish to consider – all of these offer free courses in a wide variety of subjects 
• Aspire Sussex are continuing to deliver Adult Education but online now. https://www.aspiresussex.org.uk/distance-learning-courses/ 
• From next Monday BBC Bitesize will be running online lessons for children on a wide variety of subjects. Why not have a look and see if there is anything you fancy learning too? https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize 
• FutureLearn have courses in just about anything you can imagine Choose from hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses 
This week’s Activity - if you are ready for a challenge 
LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. You can use LinkedIn to tell people about your skills, search for jobs and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with other people. It takes a while to get your profile set up and running, but few of us are short of time at the moment, so why not get to grips with how it works. This link will take you step by step through the set-up process. https://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-LinkedIn-Account 
Skill of the week 
If you are self-isolating and would like to have more phone contact with a real person, then do consider signing up with the community hubs for a friendly phone call to keep you in touch with what is going on in your local area. Or talk to them about how you could support other people in the same situation. You can register below online or by phone. 
Interview question of the week 
“What do you know about the company?” 
Research, research, research! In order to answer this question well, you must show an understanding and awareness of what the company does. This includes the different service areas it offers, who their main clients are, and a good idea about the size of the company. You should also research the history of the business, find out when it was started and what the company has achieved. 
It doesn’t matter how competent and qualified you are for the role, turning up to the interview unprepared for this question can completely ruin your chances of getting the job. 
As well as what they do as a business, look at their company ethics, community partnerships, charity work etc. This can be a really positive thing to bring up in an interview, mentioning the additional things the company care about.  
So, choose a company that you would be interested to work for, if they had the right job advertised. Find out as much as you can about them and make notes on things that you might say in answer to this question. 
Maintaining good Mental Health is extra important at the moment, so we thought that we would introduce you to some different ideas/websites each week. 
• Elefriends is a supportive online community where you can be yourself. We all know what it’s like to struggle sometimes, but now there’s a safe place to listen, share and be heard. https://www.elefriends.org.uk/ 
• The Calm Zone their helpline is open 5pm-midnight ready to offer practical advice to help you deal with however you’re feeling. They’ve also put together some tips to help you put some order around your day and tackle everything in the best way possible. https://www.thecalmzone.net/ 
Don’t forget that if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help urgently it is very important to get it. The link below will help you find it quickly. 
And finally, a new section..... 
Suggestions from our members! 
This one came from Gary, who attends the Horsham WISH Club and was looking for a way to “get away” without leaving the house. There are hundreds of webcams showing live pictures of all kinds of places in real time. If you are yearning for the beach then there are several, including Brighton Pier, or if you fancy looking up somewhere more exotic then you can choose from all over the world. It is particularly strange seeing familiar city centres and famous World Heritage sites absolutely deserted. Let us know what you think. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/ 
If you are interested in singing, Mel suggests joining daily with Great British Home Chorus with Gareth Malone – as seen on The One Show a couple of weeks ago. There is a new song each week and there are thousands of singers around the world getting together online. Even if you can’t read music and you have never been in a choir before, it’s a great chance to see what goes on from the comfort of your own sofa! 
What have you tried and is working for you? Let us know and we will share it with everyone else who is accessing this page? 
We are committed to helping you on your journey towards employment so please get in touch if we can help you in any way. It has been great to speak, text or email with many of you over the last couple of weeks and hear how you are getting on. We are really looking forward to seeing your new LinkedIn page, if you would like to link to us, and helping you to use it to find a new role in the future. 
Please contact us if you need to share anything or would like our view or assistance on anything at all. 
Richard and Mel.  
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