Read what our clients think about SETAS 

This is a small selection of the wonderful feedback we get from clients attending our programmes 

“The course has made me more resilient and enabled me to cope with feeling low and depressed.” 
“It is a very worthwhile course! You learn about your moods and coping strategies. 
I would recommend highly as a help to others.” 
Made me realise we are humans at the end of the day and our attitude to deal with issues plays a big part in our life.” 
“Everyday practical strategies for moving incrementally towards better mental health.” 
"Our instructor was excellent and the course was informative. The resources are incredibly informative and helpful and I really enjoyed the course and certainly benefited in terms of knowledge growth and gaining confidence in speaking about difficult topics. Excellent toolkit and ALGEE is always at the back of mind in conversations now. Thank you" 
"The course was amazing and the instructor was great! I will definitely recommend the course to my friends." 
"I found the course highly beneficial.The course leader was professional, knowledgeable and accessible. Everyone was engaged and wanted to learn which our instructor sustained throughout. It was a pleasure to meet everyone on the course and I will recommend it to colleagues and through our regular newsletter to learners and employers. Thank you" 
"Our instructor was very engaging, he wove in personal stories, allowed us to engage with each other, used supportive language and moved at a very good pace to digest the course material. I will definitely recommend the course. Thank you!" 
“….. My niece asked me to pass on her thanks to you, for your help in writing her letter and cv last year, which enabled her to get the job she’s currently doing. She absolutely loves it there - a blessing in disguise getting redundancy from last job. So, thank you.” 
“… may remember I interviewed for a job back in September and didn’t get it. Well, the practice manager has been in touch to offer me the job as “it has now become available” and I start on 1 December. I am so delighted as I was beginning to lose hope that I’d find anything, and at least for me it’s the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel.  
I’ll keep on recommending SETAS to friends and former colleagues. My thanks to you both for your support and helpful links and I wish you all the best for the future. Best wishes" 
“Hi Richard, Excellent !! Good job. Thank you very much for my Cv. It looks better. Well done. 
“…..Please keep me on your weekly email list as I find these very useful with the job searching” 
“……I appreciate very much your emails and advice and would love to continue in your distribution emails” 
“I came to the Wish Job club having unfortunately been made redundant from my previous long term role. SETAS helped me to rewrite my CV and proof read cover letters and suggested some local employers who may be worth considering. I found them welcoming and supportive, they helped me to question what to look for as well as providing helpful support having lost my previous position. They also stayed in touch during the COVID19 lockdown. I would recommend the club for anyone in a similar position.” 
“I've had a look at the CV. To be honest, it looks much better thank you. I'm going to replace the one on job sites with your version.” 
"Thanks for helping our daughter with her CV. She is dyslexic and finds it difficult putting things in writing. Usually she relies on me to help but I knew your expertise would be more beneficial. Promoting oneself in the current climate is more important than ever." 
"Wow, thank you so much! It looks so much clearer! 
Thanks again for all of your help. You've given me a much-needed boost and a glimmer of hope! I will let you know how I get on." 
"Thank you very much for your emails with very useful advice and current vacancies. I hope all is well with you and your family. I am fine and glad that the market seems to be moving forward and hope something suitable comes up." 
“Following on from our telephone conversation of yesterday, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for all the help that you have provided to me since we met at Horsham DWP. I have now secured a position that I am sure came about as a result of you aiding and assisting me in reconstructing my CV to bring it into the current trend of CV presentation etc. 
Since this has been done, I have received far more interest from on LinkedIn, as well as from prospective employers that I sent it to. 
Thank you, once more and good luck, in the future, I am sure we will keep in touch" 
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