Mental Health and Wellbeing Programmes 

Living Life to the Full 
SETAS has a range of courses for employers, practitioners and individuals to improve mental health and wellbeing knowledge and awareness. 

 Living Life To The Full 

This is an eight-session programme using CBT concepts – the most evidenced-based talking therapy for people affected by low mood, stress, anxiety or depression. 
Developed by Dr Chris Williams, professor of Psychiatry at University of Glasgow and a recognised expert in developing self-help resources based on CBT. It introduces participants to the ‘Five Areas Approach’ which illustrates that events and situations in our lives affect how we think, how we feel, how we behave and affect us physically. Thinking and behaviour are the two areas that we have most control over, if we tend to think and/or behave in extreme and unhelpful ways, it can adversely affect the other areas and lead to us getting caught in a ‘vicious circle’. 
The programme focuses on how we can challenge and change our thinking and behaviour to turn the circle into a ‘virtuous circle’. 


Session 1: Why do I feel so bad? 
Session 2: I can’t be bothered doing anything 
Session 3: Why does everything always go wrong? 
Session 4: I’m not good enough 
Session 5: How to fix almost everything 
Session 6: Session 6: The things you do that mess you up 
Session 7: Are you strong enough to keep your temper? 
Session 8: 10 things you can do now to help you feel happier 

Additional courses targeted at improving resilience, health and overall wellbeing include: 

Smoking Cessation 
Weight loss and healthier living 
Fix your drinking problem 
Reclaiming your life from illness, disability, pain or fatigue 
Partners and Accreditations 
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